Hales, John (1516 - 1572)

Born / Died

Birth Date: by 1516
Death Date: 1572-12-26 (possibly died 28 Dec. 1572)


Servant of uncle Sir Christopher Hales, Attorney-General and Master of the Rolls ca. 1525--35 and of Thomas Cromwell after 1535--1540. Imprisoned in the Tower ca. 22 Oct. 1549 (after the fall of Protector Somerset); liberated 1550; in exile on the Continent 2 Feb. 1550/1--by 3 Jan. 1558/9; imprisoned in the Fleet and the Tower 1565--6 (for endorsing Lady Jane Grey's claim to the crown) and then under house arrest until shortly before death. Often confused with Sir John Hales (1480--1540) of Canterbury, Kent, General Surveyor of Crown Lands and Baron of the Exchequer

Details of Offices

Began Ended Notes
Clerk of the First Fruits and Tenths, England 1536/7-2-3 1540
Keeper, Writs of King's Bench, England 1537 1540
Deputy Clerk of the Hanaper, England by 1541 n.d.
Clerk of the Hanaper, England 1545-10-25 1557 Held jointly with Sir Ralph Sadler
JP, Middlesex 1547 n.d.
JP, Warwickshire 1547 n.d.
MP, Lancashire 1547 n.d.
JP, Warwickshire 1551 n.d.
JP, Coventry 1551 n.d.
JP, Middlesex 1551 n.d.
Clerk of the Hanaper, England 1559 1572-12-26 Held jointly with Sir Ralph Sadler
MP, Lancashire 1563 n.d.

General Lands Note

Sold and enfeoffed property 1550; remainder confiscated 1557; lands quit-claimed in 1551 returned 1559

Details of Properties


  • London (city-county)
    Divested: 1557
  • Hales' Place, Coventry (city-county) in Warwickshire
    Acquired: ca. 1543
    Divested: 1572-12-26


  • (city-county) in Warwickshire: St Mary without Bishopsgate
    Acquired: 1541
  • (city-county) in Warwickshire: St Mary's Priory, St John's Hospital
    Acquired: ca. 1545
  • London (city-county): St Mary's without Bishopsgate
    Acquired: 1541
  • Warwickshire: Barford Advowson
    Divested: 1551
  • Warwickshire: Whitmore Grange & Park
    Acquired: 1547-07-01

Events Naming Patron

Event Date Location Troupe
Performance 1566-1566 Guildhall, Bristol , Bristol (city-county) in Gloucestershire Sir John Hales' Players

Patronized Troupes

Troupe Name Patron Troupe Type # of events
Sir John Hales' Players Hales, John (1516 - 1572) Players 1

Owned Venues

Venue Name County Venue Type
Hales' Place Coventry (city-county) in Warwickshire Private Residence

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